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Love for a Lifetime

Enduring Love Ministries International (ELMI) teaches and equips couples and individuals by providing the essential skills needed to build, enhance and sustain their marriages and relationships by incorporating biblical principles for practical living.


A Three-fold Purpose

  1. We envision husbands and wives, families and singles in the United States and abroad being transformed as individuals and in their relationships as they acknowledge, agree with and apply the word of God that we teach in person and through social media platforms.

  2. We create ½ day and weekend experiences which practically and simplistically teach covenant marriage principles from the word of God in a way that gives hope to couples who are hurting, broken-hearted or discouraged; inspires and enriches couples who desire marital fulfillment based on biblical principles; and empowers couples who have committed to walking out God’s original intent for marriage.

  3. We equip ministry leaders and mentoring couples with small group tools designed to support married couples, pre-married couples and families in their churches & communities.

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